“My most magical Suwannee moment: I was camping with a friend, and I told her that I never wanted to be in a finger trap of any kind. For some reason I just said it. And then later we found a rug on the hill, so we decided to roll up in it and roll down the hill. Then when we were trying to get out, we couldn’t get out—we were in a giant finger trap. It just happened, we had the conversation and then we got stuck in a finger trap. Then yesterday my pocket came to life and just dragged me around all over the place.”
“If I could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow morning, it would be at the Spirit of Suwannee music park, because it is Bear Creek weekend right now and I look forward to this shit every single year. That feeling you get when you’re at a festival, you’re immersed in it, and then you think about the next day and realize that you don’t have to travel across the country again, you get to stay exactly where you are! Everything stays in place, more artists come to you and do their thing for you to celebrate with the people around you. That’s kind of the best feeling there is, ya know? There is no need to look forward to the future because the present and the future are equally delicious, so you’re already set up for success.”