“I didn’t even look at the lineup because I didn’t think I was going to make it, but at the last second, I came. I’m really excited to see Kings Of Leon. It’s because of the farewell goodbye. Last year at Okeechobee, as I was leaving, I was like, ‘Does anyone have any vitamin C?’ And someone was like, ‘Here’s a cutie!’ They gave me a clementine, and I was so excited. I love the vibes of everyone wanting to share happiness, and leave with a smile on their face. That’s why I really want to see Kings of Leon, because I know the vibes will be beautiful.”
“I was talking to my friend who I came here with. We all got in a crazy car accident months ago. There were seven of us in the car, and it was somewhat of a near death experience. I wasn’t seriously injured, but everything flashed before my eyes and it made a lot of things clearer. It helped me really focus on the connections I want to make, and how you don’t have all the time you think you have. You have to do the most with it. It puts things in perspective when you have that experience with your friends. You come out of it on another level, and you really appreciate everything more.”
“Well, Watkins Glen was my first festival. It was like 600,000 people. It was the Grateful Dead, the Band and the Allman brothers. I was just a kid then. I hitchhiked to California and back after. It was my first Dead show, even though I was there to see The Band. The Band was my band. I was from the East Coast, so the band was the New York band. The next year when they were traveling the big sound system, they got me in hard for it in ’74. All those great times, ya know, taking my family to the shows in the Volkswagen buses. I’m in the Grateful Dead cookbook, from the Vermont shows. “