“I found myself in a field in Tennessee. Up until then, I was only a mirror for people’s desirable traits. I had invested no effort in developing my own value as it was much easier to claim others as my own.”

Lightning in a Bottle 2018

“It started to grow harder to be alone, I didn’t recognize myself without others around. I fell into a deep depression and realized quickly no one wanted to be around me when I was not like them.⁠

I stepped into a free space the summer of 2014. I found myself breathing and growing without the ‘wait’ of the world on my shoulders. Every summer I seek that same freedom and surround myself with thoughtful minds. ⁠

Now, I work to reflect my own positivity at others. I no longer look to others to define my own self-worth.”⁠

Traveled from Denver, Colorado

Lightning in a Bottle 2018

Lake San Antonio

Bradley, California