“There will be days in your life where your heart will try to guide you. Sometimes this guidance defies logic, and you are encouraged to take a leap of faith. You have the choice to listen, or suppress that voice. One of the greatest things that I’ve learned is that listening to the intelligence of your heart will assist in manifesting the greatest treasures in your life and the greatest you. Earlier this year, I had one of those moments. In this instance, following my heart resulted in the greatest adventure of my life and facilitated the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite electronic artists. We created an album together with the intentions of healing and spreading love. Then, I was blessed to travel and hear our art be shared with crowds at festivals and shows all around the country, as well as teaching a couple workshops at festivals. It has been such a profoundly magical journey. And to think, if I had not listened to the guidance to take that chance, none of it would have happened. So listen to your heart, take a chance, go with the flow, and enjoy the journey. The path is not always easy, but have faith that Universe is conspiring in your greatest favor.”

Traveled from Gainesville, Florida

Lightning in a Bottle 2018

Lake San Antonio

Bradley, California