“I’m a performer and I just had major knee surgery, so I’ve had to find other ways to contribute to the artistic community. I’m learning how to live without my essence right now, because what makes me shine—what makes me feel alive—is being able to perform and I can’t do that. I’m in the thick of that journey to figure out who I am. I rely so much on the identity of myself as a performer. Now I’m wondering… What else is there to Heidi? Who else am I in this world? What else can I offer and still feel fulfilled? I’m stage managing a play at this festival and that’s been really empowering. It’s highly logistical because there are a lot of pieces: sets, costumes, props, actors, aerial and all these things. I’ve been able to pull it all together and make it flow.”

Traveled from Portland, Oregon

Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017

Big Summit Prairie

Ochoco National Forest, Oregon