“Where do I think I should be going? I’m a barista. I wanted to my own coffee shop for the longest time. Now, I’ve hit a point where I’m wondering if it’s still right for me. Do I want to serve people? Do I want to bake goods for the rest of my life? No. Because then I’m not going to be happy baking at my own house. And I want that to be something I enjoy doing for other people. What would be more fulfilling than giving people a good cup of coffee every day? That was fulfilling a couple years ago, but it’s starting to wear on me. I’m looking into forestry. That’s where the world is going. And my path is changing, too.”

Pretty Lights at The Gorge 2017

Traveled from Everett, Washington

Pretty Lights Live: Episode 6 2017

The Gorge Amphitheater

George, Washington