“When I sit and think about the story I’ve stumbled into, I get a wild feeling. Like a slow grin and distant eyes, it’s the look you make when you’ve seen someone trip and catch their fall without a change of emotion. It’s funny, but human. Clumsy and graceful at the same time. I have been planning, scouting, researching, talking, dreaming, worrying, and preparing for something finally about to happen. It’s here, and I’m ready. I’m shedding layers like a snake, picking up my life and planting it somewhere else. It’s all sweet, not sour, leaving what has been my forever home. So much newness is before me. New means less graceful, more clumsy. That’s cool, because I can laugh about it. When I tell my story, I’ll reflect on how moving to Portland, an entirely different city, has sculpted another facet of my life as a multidimensional playwright. Portland, let’s get weird.”

Traveled from Reno, Nevada

High Sierra Music Festival 2017

Plumas County Fairgrounds

Quincy, California