“I’m most excited to see Vulfpeck. I discovered them on Spotify. It was random, but it started with one song: ‘It Gets Funkier.’ It kept playing. Then they started releasing more parts, and now there’s three. Every time they add to it. It’s kind of the same rhythm, but they do it differently. I saw them last year at Fool’s Paradise in St. Augustine. I liked their vibe… the way they were talking on stage. The bassist Joe Dart was chilling by himself, I think it was during Chris Robinson’s set, and I told him, ‘Whatever it takes, make sure Florida is always on your list.’ It’s all about the music. The music is, at the end, what drives everything.”

Traveled from Miami, Florida

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2017

Sunshine Grove

Okeechobee, Florida