(Left) “I started out at Bear Creek. It’s part of the holy trinity of the funk. You have Jam Cruise, you have Jazz Fest. But Hulaween’s one of my absolute favorites. It’s the production… all the artwork is amazing. With Spirit Lake, they go above and beyond.” (Right) “I used to love Wanee, but I think this is totally blowin’ it out of the water. The costume? I just wanted to be majestic as f*ck.” (Left) “Have you guys been to camp bacon? It’s a solid camp, really cool people. That’s what keeps bringing us out here is the family. My mom camps a little further up and she’s been taking care of all of us. ” (Right) “I don’t know, I’ve been taking care of her the past couple days….”

Hulaween Music & Arts Festival 2015

Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park

Live Oak, Florida