A Photo Recap of California’s Same Same But Different Festival 2018

Same Same But Different is southern California’s newest multi-genre festival. In its inaugural year, music lovers gathered at Lake Perris, California to groove and enjoy the ambiance of a much-needed getaway.

From Sept. 22 to 23, SSBD invited Lettuce, Boombox, The Floozies, Late Night Radio and more to perform at one of the most serene venues in the Southwest. Away from the long lines of crowded festivals across the summer circuit, SSBD’s lakeside view and up-close-and-personal shows were truly a breath of fresh air.

Check out our highlights of the first-ever SSBD ’18.

Venue: Lake Perris, CA 

Lake Perris is a state park situated in Riverside County, California. The festival took place in Lake Perris Recreation Area, an expansive campground with an artificial beach, a mountain-rimmed valley and the cleanest brick-and-mortar bathrooms offered at a festival.

The event featured vendors selling handmade crafts, healing elixirs and unique jewelry imported from all over the world. When attendees weren’t listening to eclectic jams, meeting friendly faces or shopping for sustainable goods, they spent time slacklining, laying in the grass, learning acro yoga or watching the sun set behind the valley.

Artists: The Family Crest, Lettuce, Late Night Radio, Boombox

SSBD united a diverse line-up of rock, reggae, funk, jam and electronic acts from across the country. With alternating stages, attendees never had to miss a single performance.

The Family Crest, a seven-piece indie-rock band local to San Francisco, ushered the crowd into the evening with eclectic, inclusive sounds. Funkmasters Lettuce took the stage at 10:15 p.m., ramping the crowd with nimble bass lines from Jesus Coomes and roaring brass from the Shady Horns, who play trumpet and sax. An energetic ending, Lettuce closed the set with an explosive rendition of the throwback track “Squadlive.”

Late Night Radio, an up-and-coming Colorado producer, stood out with his seamless mix of funk and hip-hop bangers. Finally, Boombox, iconic livetronica duo, closed the night, playing fan favorites “Shakedown Street” and “Mr. Boogieman.”

Experience: Cacao Ceremony

The Sunday afternoon cacao ceremony, led by practitioner Simone Ressner, gathered a handful of participants in a heart-opening union. In the shady Social Garden, a group of festivalgoers consumed a warm chocolate mixture while Simone gently beat a handheld drum.

Participants stood back to back, swaying and dancing to the nearby music. They shared their essence, and as a group, experienced a sense of healing catharsis.

Filled with funky music, good friends, and a picturesque lakeside venue, the first-ever SSBD was a definite success. There’s no doubt that next year will be even better.