“I actually didn’t want to come. I didn’t want to go to a big festival. I find it hard to go to big things and feel anonymous—to be just another drop in the ocean. I’m here to see the eclipse, and maybe feel some type of divine connection to the celestial body movement. This is not what I’m trying to feel right now… to go party. I want to feel a reset. I just want to roam free. I don’t know what I want. Ultimately, I have goals and desires to solve all these fuckin’ problems. But for now, I just want to be happy in the moment.”
“I’m a performer and I just had major knee surgery, so I’ve had to find other ways to contribute to the artistic community. I’m learning how to live without my essence right now, because what makes me shine—what makes me feel alive—is being able to perform and I can’t do that. I’m in the thick of that journey to figure out who I am. I rely so much on the identity of myself as a performer. Now I’m wondering… What else is there to Heidi? Who else am I in this world? What else can I offer and still feel fulfilled? I’m stage managing a play at this festival and that’s been really empowering. It’s highly logistical because there are a lot of pieces: sets, costumes, props, actors, aerial and all these things. I’ve been able to pull it all together and make it flow.”
“I’m a dancer. My stage name is Clairity. I do hip-hop and tribal fusion. Dance expresses so much. It’s a heart-based experience. It changes energetically and inspires a higher way of being. It’s a communication beyond words. A channeling of the goddess Isis, particularly. She was the first Egyptian healer, and she’s being revitalized in different ways now. Dance is her rebirth. I process emotions through dance, I share joy through dance. I’m called to lead a movement through movement.”
“I’m a cat. I’m a chilliger, a real chilliger. A cheetah, lion, tiger. I travel to festivals with my two Siamese cats on leashes, and I got a little famous from it. So I named my brand After Meowerz. I went on a journey for two years. I rescued these cats from a homeless shelter, and I brought them to the coolest places in the country. They loved it. They would fall asleep in my backpack, and I would rage. We have this beautiful connection. They’re like my children. They saved my life.”
“Where do I think I should be going? I’m a barista. I wanted to my own coffee shop for the longest time. Now, I’ve hit a point where I’m wondering if it’s still right for me. Do I want to serve people? Do I want to bake goods for the rest of my life? No. Because then I’m not going to be happy baking at my own house. And I want that to be something I enjoy doing for other people. What would be more fulfilling than giving people a good cup of coffee every day? That was fulfilling a couple years ago, but it’s starting to wear on me. I’m looking into forestry. That’s where the world is going. And my path is changing, too.”